Plan with Oversi


  • Interactive Product Breakdown Stuctures and Product Flow Diagrams
  • Product Descriptions consistently defined and always found with the Product record
  • Track quality processes and feedback in a single view

Resource management

  • Role responsibilities and team structures based on real, live data
  • Manage under and over-allocated roles and staff
  • Identify conflicts with planned leave and team availability
  • Build your resource plan with project milestones to ensure accuracy
  • Support for full, budget and product FTE analysis


  • Visualise project plans by stage or work package
  • Monitor your portfolio progress and specify the key milestones that must be reported
  • Fully-featured Gantt solution for detailed scheduling
  • All Products, Sprints and external Milestones are automatically populated into your schedule
  • Fully configurable working days & and time per project as well as custom days-off


  • Create detailed benefit profiles and link to defined portfolio objectives, scope, outcomes and critical success factors
  • Interactive Benefits Dependency Network that shows the relationship between any benefit/outcome and the enablers

Financial management

  • Use the resource plan and schedule to generate an accurate budget
  • Portfolio-defined business rules (e.g. standard overhead rates, labour costs, inflation etc.)
  • Simplify monthly reporting and reconcilation
  • Easily create revised budget forecasts as the plan changes

Assumptions & Constraints

  • Clearly identifiable assumptions from the planning process ensures a consistent understanding
  • Simple conversion of assumptions to risks at project commencement
  • Constraints can be documented and linked