Deliver with Oversi


  • Integrated Kanban helps the team visualise progress and accountability
  • Actions are assignable to many users and can be updated directly
  • Generate an action from anywhere in the solution
  • Track actions from many sources utilising the reportable to feature

Risks & Issues

  • Standardised process for capturing, assessing, treating and escalating risks
  • Update in workshops and regular reviews
  • Record contingency plans, allocate common mitigations to similar risks and convert to an issue (if required)
  • Complete issue impact assessments against a tailored set of criteria


  • Request decisions with a robust option analysis
  • Record all decisions with any supporting information in a single location
  • Find relevant decisions from other module using linkages


  • Build a portfolio register of lessons that is available to all
  • Easy to record lessons as they arise and link them for context (e.g. for a specific product)
  • Seed new projects with relevant lessons

Stakeholder engagements

  • Plan engagements with visibility of all other stakeholder activity
  • Record outcomes and track actions that arise from specific engagements
  • Analyse engagement patterns and stakeholder coverage


  • Achieve consistent communications by storing key messages and artefacts in one location
  • Use milestones to ensure communication timings are accurate